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What Is Apricot Oil (Gutti ka tel) and What Are Its Benefits?

Apricot Oil

Culturally, the pahadis have been interlinked with the apricots since ages. Traditionally, it’s been eaten as a raw fruit, but with time and with the growth of human intelligence, especially at the time of the birth of the Ayurveda, ‘Gutti ka tel’ or Apricot Kernel oil is known to have greater significance in our life. 

It is believed that the apricots originated from China, though it is controversial to say so. Today, apricots and the oil pressed from its kernels is popular world – widely. 

Its colour ranges from slightly yellow to light-tan. It has a deep and nutty aroma with warm-sweet undertones. 

Apricot Oil
Apricot Oil

Gutti ka tel has abundant benefits as a natural medicine. It is used in skin care routines by many people as a subtle moisturizer as it  absorbs quickly, making the skin glowy and healthy. Its popularity is growing among all the genders of all ages as it also helps prevent hair fall, eczema, cough and even constipation. That’s almost like killing several birds with one stone. 

The locals of the mountains call it an energy source, believing it enhances physical strength when taken regularly in a certain amount. 

The oil is extracted from the kennels of wild apricots, which grow extensively in most parts of Kinnaur district. Though wild apricots grow in Shimla and Lahaul Spiti too, it is primarily in association with Kinnaur. 

Kinnauri Gutti ka Tel aka Apricot oil has received the Geographical Index (GI) tag from the Registrar General of GI, Chennai. It is beneficial for the farmers of Kinnaur, but despite this urgent and impetuous action, the local farmers are still not able to earn according to their hard work and to fulfil their needs. 

Pahadi Zaika provides the higher rates to the local apricot producers (small local farmers) and sells the naturally processed and authentic oil to the customers at lower prices. A win-win for both! 

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