How can I be sure that products are from where they are said?
Through our Youtube channel, we put the story of the farmer forward from whom it has been procured. Scan the QR code and explore about the farmer you are buying from.
Are PAHADI ZAIKA's products processed?
No, PAHADI ZAIKA delivers only what has been procured from the farmer without any alteration.
How is PAHADI ZAIKA different?
  1. PAHADI ZAIKA procures directly from the farmers.
  2. PAHADI ZAIKA brings story of the farmer, the hardship attached to farming in the Himalayan region to make the consumer aware.
  3. Co-founders come from a farming background and they believe that PAHADI ZAIKA is required to tackle farmers’ problems.
Why are products costly?
Keeping mission in our mind to become producer centric company, PAHADI ZAIKA paid exactly, what farmers thought was fair to their produce. On top of that, keeping packaging plastic-free to stay sensitive towards the environment added some amount. Because of these two reasons price may seem a little higher. Furthermore, Pahadi Zaika brings out the story of the farmer for our customers. Bringing out these stories has a cost involved with it.
How fast is your delivery service?
PAHADI ZAIKA uses the service of India Post to deliver. In a country where privatization is taking over everything, PAHADI ZAIKA believes, government services also need a small push to compete. Because of this delivery may take longer than usual.