Siachen Naturals

Siachen Naturals was founded with the aim to transform the agro-economic ecosystem of the Siachen region by producing food products grown, processed, and manufactured locally. Currently, we are using indigenous farming techniques combined with ancient local Ladakhi recipes to make barley soups that are preservative free, nutritious, completely natural, and organic. These products are a part of Ladakhi tradition and we aim to expand this beyond the borders of Ladakh and make our tradition accessible to consumers globally. The mission driving our work is to improve the conditions of local farmers, especially women of the Siachen region, and help them generate higher incomes and tackle the bigger issues of migration and the subsequent climate change linked to it.
About Siachen naturals

Traditional soup

From a Centuries - Old Cuisine In every Ladakhi household, people start their morning with barley soup prepared with churpay (dried cheese), nuts, vegetables, and butter. It is served to every person, regardless of age. It is proven to be beneficial for people with a range of health issues. When working on the field, one would have a bowl of barley soup to last the long tiring day. During harsh winter months, the soup helps in keeping the body warm. Easy to cook and a time & energy saver—barley soup is everyone's go-to food.

Siachen soup

Despite all the benefits, there exists a problem with the taste of traditional soup as people find it bland. With the endeavour to create a better version by adding Siachen herbs, Siachen Soup was born. Siachen soup creates warmth and energy with the help of Organic roasted barley and the siachen herbs.


Made from ingredients that are only found in the Siachen valley, Vegan Friendly and Highly nutritious (Rich in protein and fibre)