Soul of O'IJA

Products Handmade with love & inspired by nature

People say OMG, We say O'IJA

Inspired by nature and the natural wonders of mother nature, we deliver the best mix of traditional recipes naturally produced within the Himalayan region of Uttrakhand. We strive to keep simple and clean ingredient lists and we’re open about what’s in our products because we believe it’s your right to know what’s in your food.

We are practicing healthy crop rotation, encouraging a diverse ecosystem around the fields, efficiently using natural water sources, and carefully selecting produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

Inspired by Nature

"Only mom knows how to enhance the taste and to boost the health quality altogether."

Our inspiration & our recipe queen, Mrs. Madhu Pandey is broadly known for her magical vegetarian cuisines. Our Pahadi Pickles and other processed food products are straight from her kitchen using her own traditional recipes with her secret ingredient (Love) and handmade by Uttarakhand’s village women.
Inspired by Nature – Oija
Madhu Pandey