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HIMCHA or Himalayan Cha

HIMCHA or Himalayan Cha, is our homage to the majestic Himalaya, bountiful Mother Nature, Healing Herbs, Tea, Tradition and Folklore.

The Himalaya, in its sublime beauty, complexity and mystical grandeur, traverses not only geographical boundaries but also our lives and has carried us through time.

At HIMCHA we have mindfully curated the tea blends taking inspiration from Nature and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Each blend has been meticulously composed with carefully selected herbs which add its distinctive taste, aroma, and curative properties to create the perfect cup of wholesomeness and delight.

Our teas are All Natural, as all things should be. We believe each herb has its own characteristic taste, aroma, sensitivity and is best in its natural form without the need for processing or additives to make it tastier.

In our quest to preserve nature’s delicate flavors and fragrance, we source fresh and seasonally harvested herbs and package our blends in hermetic boxes to ensure you have the ultimate tea experience. Also, we do not use any plastic in our packaging. All packaging materials are recyclable and compostable.

While the world seems to be moving at a frenetic pace, maximizing profits, and accelerating fast production, we at HIMCHA believe in Slow Production. We make our blends in small batches where everything is done by hand – from herb cleaning, blend making to packaging, just like the old times.

We hope you enjoy our tea blends, whether in loving company or solitary splendor and experience Himalayan Freshness in Every Sip!