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Himalayan Haat

Who are We?

Himalayan Haat​ is an Indian company from Himalayas (Kullu, Himachal Pradesh) by Lovesh Gupta.
H&H is focused on handmade items and craft supplies with a fusion of tradition, culture
from remote areas assorted with new trends. These items fall under a wide range of
categories including jewelry, bags/purses, clothing, home décor, art as well as craft.

Our Story

When all schools were shut in 2020 life became slow, all of us were spending time with family and had some time for ourselves then I realized the intricacies of thread. My childhood was all surrounded by businesses (my father - inspiration), artisans,craftsmen (my mother - guide) and that’s what I grew up with. I still remember, my mother used to make dresses and beautiful knit wears for us at home. It was intriguing for me to see how a simple fabric of 6 yards can be adorned with endless craftsmanship and can turn into the most beautiful saree or a dress in one's closet which passes from generation to generation. Whenever I used to create dresses for my sisters they used to tell me you should start something your own in clothing - that gave me motivation.

As I started locally, a small home based business “I saw people loving and appreciating, it was like my dream was coming true and I never thought it would ever go beyond my city but the love I received for the products I exhibited was beyond bounds. Then I started selling on instagram and facebook & received orders from various cities and then couriers started to go to different states and eventually before I could realize- we were shipping internationally. (it still gives me goosebumps thinking about those moments)"

Himalayan Haat has never been my quickest decision of all. It took almost 7 years to give a start push, I always tell people when they ask me for any advice/suggestion- 'Just Do it' and everything falls in its own place.

Himalayan Haat’s aim is to use quality local material to create outstanding products by local artisans,that together, deliver value to our customers. We’d love to pass on some of the mountain goodness to the people which will cater to those who love HIMALAYAS!

Himalayan Haat’s vision endeavors to be a caring and well managed brand in elegant-knit,simple outwear, classy living for easy life.