Nature gives us Everything’ for ‘Survival up to luxury’.

Human had understood this since ancient times and was procuring things from nature wisely and sustainably.

But the trends has been changed from the last century due to invention of plastic, which has overpowered our traditional way of living where we were fulfilling all our needs while producing least waste unlike today, when millions of tons of waste is being generated every second unstoppably.

The time has come to take the reverse action, because we don’t have much time to save the planet for future generations, we need to ACT NOW

Bamboo has more than 1500 documented utilities and has a significant part in Indian traditional system; is renewable; has immense strength; is a perfect replacement of wood, thus can prevent deforestation also. Together we can make this ‘Poor man’s timber’ a ‘Wise man/woman’s Choice’.

So, here we present a range of daily use products (mostly made up of bamboo) for thoughtful people like you who want to be the change. We are also focusing on products from recycled materials to minimize the waste.

Let’s take the tiny steps together for a better world….

Go Green, Be Ecofriendly ….

Bambooheart Founder

bambooheart founder

Dr. Natasha Saini

M.Sc., Ph.D., Founder: Bambooheart

Associated with bamboos for ten years. Have research experience of more than six years in edible aspects as well other potentials of bamboos and pursued Ph.D. on it from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Worked under the supervision of Prof. C. Nirmala, ‘World Bamboo Ambassador, India’ during the Ph.D. Currently, working as an Assistant Professor in Himachal Pradesh for 4 years. 

During the research period, came to know about bamboo’s immense strength and versatile uses. Also, realized the fact that plastic has overpowered our traditional way of living where bamboo and its products were essential parts of our daily activities and we were fulfilling all our needs while producing least waste unlike today. So, decided to revive the bamboo tradition to reduce the plastic load on the planet and started using the platform of Social Media to spread the awareness regarding bamboos and its uses in 2020. With this vision started an sustainable brand for daily essentials and local bamboo artwork, named ‘Bambooheart’ which mainly focusing on  products based on bamboo along with other eco-friendly things which support and strengthen our local communities while amalgamating the modern techniques with traditional system.