Aromatic Himalayas

Nurtured in Nature

'Once you go to the Himalayas, you never come back unabridged. You lose a piece of yourself in the midst of those serene snowy hills.'

Bustling streets of the city can often take a toll on us. We find ourselves surrounded by pollution, smoke and adulterated products. We consume toxic products on a daily basis unknowingly. “Aromatic Himalayas” is the much needed breath of fresh air in this instance.
We use aromatic herbs for our products which are cultivated under the technical guidance of CSIR IHBT under CSIR Aroma Mission, further developed under CM Start up Scheme.

Why choose "Aromatic Himalayas'?​

Herbs have answers to all your problems. Longing for radiant skin or any health challenge, herbalism is the pandora's box that has cure to anything and everything. We at 'Aromatic Himalayas' are passionate about inspiring you to use herbs in practical ways that will make a positive difference in your life. We bring to you aromatic herbs and botanical products that have a wide range of uses, use them in cooking or for aromatic therapy.
Aromatic Himalays Founder

I started "Aromatic Himalayas" with only one motive and that was making people realize how much mother nature has blessed us with.

Reena Thakur Dixit